Apparatus Harnonizer CGI. Passport. Operation manual

OOO Triomed Certificate of compliance #ROSS RU.MLO2.B00938 Apparatus Harnonizer CGI TU 3468-61005106-2009 Passport Operation manual Saint-Petersburg 2010

1. Purpose

1.1.Apparatus Harmonizer CGI (hereinafter referred to as apparatus) is designed for protecting energy-informational frame of biological objects (i.e. men, pets, plants) from influence of unfavorable factors of the environment (technogenic electromagnetic fields: TV, computer, radiotelephone and transmitting stations, microwave ovens, industrial equipment etc.) by acting with low intensity electromagnetic radiation, luminous radiation, low intensity sound on the environment.

1.1. The apparatus is recommended for use at the state of high psycho-emotional and physical stress.

1.2. The apparatus is designed for individual use as well as in the collective in the strained psycho-emotional situation, and for nonspecific prophylaxis of infectious diseases.

1.3. The apparatus can be used at home for improving certain structured dynamic bio-energy informational properties of water.

1.4. Maximum efficiency of use of the apparatus is achieved on the surface of 20 m2 with volume approximately 50 m3.

2. Conditions of operation

The apparatus is designed for operating in the conditions GOST 15150-69, corresponding to the climatic realization of group UXL4.

3. Technical characteristics

3.1. Nominal power supply voltage is 3W of direct current of battery CR 2032.

3.2. Consumed power doesnt exceed 100 mVA.

3.3. EMR EHF (electromagnetic radiation of extremely high frequency) in the range of 43-44 GHz, density of power flux ranges from 30 up to 100 uW\cm2.

3.4. Variable magnetic field frequency 10 Hz, induction 20 up to 50 T.

3.5. Time of preparation for operation doesnt exceed 1 min.

3.6. Mass is less than 0,2 kg.

3.7. Overall dimensions are less than 80x30x15.

4. Delivery set:

4.1. Apparatus Harmonizer CGI.

4.2. Battery CR 2032

4.3. Passport operation manual.

4.4. Packaging container.

5. Safety measures

5.1. Pursuant to the security requirement the apparatus complies with GOST P 52161.1-2004.

5.2. By means of protection from electric shock the apparatus complies with the norm 3 GOST P 52161.1-2004.

5.3. Dont put the apparatus on working household appliances.
Special safety measures are not required.

6. Rules of storage

And preparation for operation

6.1. For transportation it is convenient to use standard packaging. For maximum protection the apparatus should be packed exactly like it was packed at the factory.

6.2. After transporting and storage at the temperature below 0°C the apparatus should be kept in the normal temperature not less than 4 hours unpacked. Before switching the apparatus read rules of its use.

6.3. Before operation at visual inspection make sure that the box of the apparatus is not damaged.

6.4. Minimal distance from the apparatus to the biological object should be 50 cm. In certain cases the apparatus can be in contact but no more than 30 minutes per day.

7. Work with the apparatus

7.1. Apparatus Harmonizer CGI consists of a unit of generation, one built-in emitter of electromagnetic waves, six built-in light-emitting diodes of green color and sonic buzzer (dynamics).

7.2. The apparatus is produced as desktop. It can be fixed on the flat horizontal surface. In the upper part of the body fixing suspension is provided.

7.3. There is a switch button on the face side of the apparatus.

7.4. The apparatus after switching on automatically ensures constant generation and emission of electromagnetic waves, creation of alternating magnetic field and recurrent turning of light-emitting diodes and buzzer for 10 up to 30 minutes depending on the selected mode.

7.5. For longer harmonizing of the surrounding electromagnetic field the apparatus should be switched on in mode #1 for 30 minutes every 12 hours.

7.6. After switching on the apparatus oscillator of electromagnetic waves, solenoid, light-emitting diodes and buzzer work simultaneously. The absence of light and sound signals testifies malfunction of the apparatus or flat battery. Battery should be verified and if necessary replaced. In case of a faulty apparatus it is necessary to check and repair it at the address indicated in the passport.

7.7. Cleaning the body of the apparatus should be done with soft napkin, moistened in ethyl alcohol and twisted. Beware of water or chemical substances inside the apparatus and on its body.

7.8. Do not subject the apparatus to excessive mechanical actions, shocks or falls.

8. Appearance of the apparatus and selection of the mode

8.1. Appearance of the apparatus and elements of its construction are shown on fig.1 and 2.
1- suspension
2- body
3- window for light-emitting diodes
4- window of EHF- generator
5- buzzer
6- Switch
7- lid of power unit
Fig. 1. Front view
Fig. 2. Rear view
8.2. Selection of the mode
At pressing button Switch and holding it the apparatus is switched on and alternately passes into different operating modes what is testified by switching on of light diodes in respective combinations (fig.3-5).
If button Switch is still pressed then the switching cycles are repeated.
After release of the button at indication of the selected mode the apparatus starts operating. To confirm that the apparatus is on the selected mode, the corresponding light-emitting diodes remain switched on for 10 seconds. Then they are turned off for reasons of energy-economy, and then upper and lower light-emitting diodes begin periodically to blink (Fig. 6). Simultaneously with the upper light-emitting diode buzzer is switched on. The apparatus automatically is switched off after the end of work in the selected mode.
It is possible to turn off the apparatus before the appointed time by repeatedly pressing the button Switch.
In addition to the light and sonic actions used in all modes extremely high-frequency electromagnetic radiation and alternating magnetic field are switched on automatically depending on the selected mode.

Fig.3. Selection of mode #1
Fig.4. Selection of mode #2
Fig.5. Selection of mode #3
Fig.6. Indication of work at any mode

9. Description of modes of operation of the apparatus

9.1. Mode 1. Harmony (original name of the mode).

9.1.1. Description of the mode

1. Combination of light-emitting diodes at this mode is shown at fig.3.
2. Fixing of apparatus at the distance of 0,1+0,5 m from humans
3. Total time of work of the apparatus in this mode is 30 min.
4. Acting physical factors and their characteristics:
- pulse EHF radiation in the range 43-44 GHz, low frequency modulation frequency 4-12 Hz, power flux density 30 mkWt\cm2;
- alternate magnetic radiation (field) of frequency 4-12 Hz, magnetic induction 20 nT.
5. Cycle alternation of impulse EHF radiation and alternating magnetic field for 30 minutes.

9.1.2. Recommendations for use:
- at physical and psycho-emotional strain as additional method of general health strengthening;
- predisposition for frequent flues
- non-specific prophylaxis of cold-related diseases, flues and acute respiratory viral infections;
- lowering of general immunity at time of recovery and rehabilitation after disease;
- staying in the zone of considerable technogenic action.

9.1.3. Recommendations for use of mode Harmony
The mode is based on distant, through the air medium (water vapor), non-contact action of the factors.
It is used 1-2 per day.

9.2. Mode 2. Anti-stress (original name of the mode).

9.2.1. Description of the mode.
1. Combination of light-emitting diodes at the selection of the mode is shown on fig.4.
2. Adjustment of the apparatus in the proximity of the surface of human body or at the distance of 0,1+0,5m.
3. Total time of work of apparatus in the mode is 10 min.
4. Acting physical factors and their characteristics:
- impulse EHF radiation in the range 43-44 GHz, low frequency modulation, frequency 10 Hz, power flux density 30 mkWt\cm2;
- Alternate magnetic radiation (field) frequency 10 Hz, magnetic induction 20 nT.
5. 10Hz cycle alternation of coherent transmission of impulse EHF radiation and impulse of alternating magnetic field.

Recommendations for use:
- fatigue, irritability, psycho-emotional excitability, sleep disturbances, low mood action generally harmonizing, anti-stress.

9.2.4. Recommendations for use of Anti-stress mode
Daily use - 1 time per day (30-40 min. in the evening before sleep).

9.3. Mode 3 Heeler (original name of the mode).

9.3.1. Description of the mode.
1. combination of light-emitting diodes at the selection of the mode is shown on fig.5.
2. contact arrangement of the apparatus.
3. Total time of work of the apparatus in this mode 15 minutes.
4. Acting physical factors and their characteristics:
- impulse EHF radiation in the range of 43-44 GGHz, 10 Hz low frequency modulation, power flux density 100 mkW\cm2:
- alternating magnetic radiation (field) of 10 Hz frequency, magnetic induction is 30 nT.
5. The mode has several stages. During 15 minutes of work of the Harmonizer in the third mode impulse EHF radiation alternates with pauses 45 times.

9.3.2. Biological action is based on interaction of electromagnetic radiations of the apparatus with electromagnetic radiations of various infectious agents, viruses, bacteria, fungus, damaged cells.

9.3.3. Indications to the use:
- infectious, virus and fungous diseases as complimentary method
- tension, traumas, injuries of soft tissues, fractures of the bones - direct contact of the apparatus with the skin as first-aid method.

9.3.4. Recommendations on use of mode Healer:
Remote and contact applications in the mode Healer are possible. Results of the studies showed that the greatest effectiveness is achieved by applying the apparatus at the initial period of disease. Use - from 2-3 up to 5-7 times (at acute period) per day, depending on the dynamics of disease.
For work in this mode it is necessary to apply the apparatus to the injured place, on the area of projection of pathologic center (if any) or great vessels and fix it for the whole time of manipulation.

10. Rules of storage

10.1. Storage of apparatuses at the warehouse of clients and manufacturer should comply with GOST 23216-78 regulation.

10.2. The apparatus is kept according to the conditions as determined by instruction 1 GOST 15150-69.

10.3. At the Warehouse premises where the apparatuses are kept air temperature should be +5° up to +40°C, relative humidity should not exceed 80% at the temperature of 25°C, at lower temperature without condensation of moisture.

10.4. The apparatus should be kept in the factory packaging at the warehouse premises, protected from atmospheric precipitations and in the absence in the air of vapors of acids, alkali, other admixtures

10.5. Type of atmosphere according to the content of corrosion-active agents - 1 (considered clean).

11. Transport

11.1. Apparatuses are transported by all forms of simple transport in accordance with the rules of transportation valid on this type of transport.

11.2. Apparatuses, inserted in thermoplastic or polyethylene blisters, are transported in the pasteboard packaging box in horizontal position and in closed type of transport (railroad cars, containers, closed automobiles, holds, pressurized compartments of aircraft) at the following ambient temperature ranging from minus 50 to plus 50 degrees C. Type of cargo at rail transportation - low-tonnage.


The apparatus is subject to utilization in special container adapted for electronic equipment.

13. Warranty

Warranty is issued for exploitation during 12 months starting from the day of sale.

Manufacturer guarantees compliance of the apparatus to the requirements of technical specifications provided that transport, storage and exploitation regulations are observed.

14. Acceptance certificate

Apparatus Harmonizer CGI, manufacturing # ___________ complies with technical specifications 3468-001-61005106-2009 and is considered fit for exploitation.

15. Acceptance certificate

Apparatus Harmonizer CGI, manufacturing # ___________ complies with technical specifications 3468-001-61005106-2009 and is considered fit for exploitation.

Date of manufacturing
Quality test service representative
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