About Harmonizer CGI

Create your oasis in the middle of technogenic world!

Mans health depends on how well he can adapt to the environment.

Systems men and environment are constantly interacting with each other, exchanging information, energy and substance and are changing.

Rehabilitation of energy-informational frame, harmony with the environment is a powerful but still little used healing resource and it is one of the modern approaches to wellness.

As it is known living cell emits EHF waves (extremely high frequency waves). EHF signal is a directing one for living systems.

But at the time of modern technogenic civilization man filled the world with electromagnetic smog, and protected mm range in which living cells used to communicate was damaged. As a result the required for life directing EHF radiation signal is replaced by technogenic noise.

Distortion of the directing signal results in the loss by human organism of adjustability of biological processes, regulatory processes fail and system of relations with the environment is distorted.

We cant imagine our life today without plains, trains and metro, TV and computers, washing machines, cellular phones etc. Nobody denies the fact that carriers of electromagnetic radiations created by man ensure comfort at home and at the office. Progress cant be stopped. And besides there is no need to do this!

One has to learn how to live with technogenic civilization!

A group of scholars experts from Saint-Petersburg Elechtrotechnical State University LETI and National Institute of Health with support of the company CEMMED developed principally new approach to optimization of relationship man environment. This new approach enables to realize cutting-edge bio-medical technology.

Harmonizer CGI - creation of the Russian scholars enables to change a harmful situation it emits waves which are informational directive signal typical for living organisms. So our channels of perception will receive necessary information which makes possible restoration of electromagnetic status of humans, their energy informational frame, and enhancement of resilience and organisms adaptability.

CGI apparatus realized harmonization of informational-wave interaction of humans with the environment.

Thanks to the new bio-medical technologies for the first time an apparatus has been created with individual tuning to the biological object and environment .Work of Harmonizer CGI results in synchronization of different systems inside the organism and its relations with the environment.

Mutual adjustment takes place on the informational level (men environment and environment men). We become more adapted from the point of view of energy-informational processes.

Action of mm-range waves leads to the restoration of normal functioning of informational directing systems of the organism. Thus, restoration of auto regulation on cell level, balancing of informational wave processes in constantly related in resonance cells, organs and tissues take place. It is considered that this interior bioresonance determines whole informational wave field of the living organism and exterior resonance with EHF signal is efficient at the use for curative reasons as method of correction of errors of informationally directing system of the cell.

These scientific ideas laid the basis of development of harmonizer CGI, whose technical realization is based on the use of EHF-generator of a new generation.

Wellness approaches where the physical factor like extremely high frequencies is used first and foremost are aimed at restoration of health reserves, thus diminishing probability of development of diseases.

General (nonspecific) resistance is optimized, i.e. immunity of the organism to the unfavorable factors of the environment. EHF waves strengthen adaptability possibilities of the humans.

Harmonizer CGI marks a new stage in the development of EHF technologies.

Harmonizer CGI is designed for protecting humans and pets from unfavorable action of the environment by optimizing the feed back reaction on the stress factors.

Several following mechanisms form ground for work of the Harmonizer:
  1. At switching on of the apparatus EHF radiation is emitted which is intrinsic to the healthy living cell. This structures vapors of water in the air thus creating dynamic clusters, identical to those of the human organism. Structured clusters of the water vapor are transformed into secondary micro-emitters acting in mm-wave range.
  2. Unique technologies are used in the Harmonizer. The emitter fixes the spectrum of surrounding electromagnetic field and it re-emits it, harmonizing the close surrounding space. And furthermore, the Harmonizer supports the characteristics of its emission for a long time (till next switching on).
  3. Especially for Harmonizer CGI the electromagnetic corrector of the form of field is developed. As a result the electromagnetic field takes form of a sphere, what makes possible even action on the environment. The harmony of the field acts favorably on the environment and inner world of humans, their health and activity.
  4. What is important is that for the first time was used the unique technology realizing individual adjustment to the biological object and environment.

Harmonizer CGI is an electronic tuning fork of the waves of life and it tunes the receiving energy-informational structures of human organism to the electromagnetic radiations of millimeter range. The human organism begins again to perceive the directing EHF - signals of the healthy state - the waves of life.

How does this occur? Radiations generated by the Harmonizer imitating natural noise EHF signal indirectly through the dynamic clusters of molecules of water in the air, acting as secondary micro-emitters interact with the unique electromagnetic frame of man. Similar to the mechanism of biological resonance such interaction results in correction of electromagnetic field of man.

Harmonizer CGI is designed with use of multi-component silicon and germanium semiconductors of the last generation, and it makes possible the super-mobility of electric charge and the effect of memory. This makes possible use of an effect of noise resonance radiation as one of the components of the work of apparatus. Original technical solutions, realized in Harmonizer CGI taking into consideration the individuality of biological object, increase the effectiveness of the action of EHF range waves on the environment, bringing the spectrum of the surrounding electromagnetic field closer to natural noise.

At use of Harmonizer CGI the tuning of the processes takes place, the organism stops perceiving radiations deforming biological information as directing.

In other words Harmonizer CGI tunes biological object on reception of waves of life, brings back genetic memory to the cell.

Combination of EHF and Noise Resonance Radiation modes, specially selected modes of work and modulations produce special training action on the organism resulting in enhanced adaptability potential of the organism.

Nonspecific resistance increases, i.e. stability of the organism to the unfavorable factors.

Harmonizer CGI is a domestic appliance recommended for everyday use and enabling to neutralize destructive action of the technogene electromagnetic radiations and other unfavorable factors, stress situation, and work in big collectives.

Where is it reasonable to use Harmonizer?

Compactness of Harmonizer (it easily fits the palm) enables to take it on a trip; it is very convenient to use the Harmonizer in the car (there is a special connection bridge on the body).

The Harmonizer can be used:
in groups in kindergarten;
at school (it helps concentration and better learning);
during negotiations and conferences (it contributes to better mutual understanding and helps to hold conferences in a constructive way);
in working teams (it prevents fatigue of work under pressure, helps to relieve stress).

Harmonizer can be used too:
for preventing infections;
for transfer of information on any information carrier;
for structuring water;
for taking care of plants;
for improving health of pets.

In acute cases, when there is no medical apparatus at hand it is possible to use Harmonizer CGI for emergency help:
at injuries, burns, pain syndromes,
in order to stop starting disease (e.g. ARVI).

Use of the Harmonizer is not limited by age; it can be helpful for the whole family starting from younger generations up to the aged! Health of every member of the family is an integral part of the happiness.

It was noted that with appearance of Harmonizer CGI relationship in the family or the collective improves. People start hearing each other!

It is possible to use Harmonizer in any collective, of any age and independently of the state of health of any member. It is very important that use of the Harmonizer allow everyone to rise to the optimum of the state of the health. After achieving adaptation level plato organism will have sufficient adaptation possibilities to withstand aggressive factors of infectious and non infectious nature. Healthy person becomes super-strong and super-resistant.

But the main thing is that we live in an unstable world.

Figurative model of the balanced health is a scale. On one cup there are aggravating factors (bad ecology, electromagnetic smog, stresses etc.); if a person copes with them he is healthy and can realize all his functions. On the other side there are human possibilities to keep health on due level. But modern person is quickly exhausted and the first cup is quickly filled.

We are unaware when the breakdown may happen which will affect our health, but the Harmonizer will give us support in time. General adaptation syndrome develops, viability of the organism rises as a result of the use of the apparatus.

It has been established that the Harmonizer contributes to the restoration of the balance of activity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions of vegetative nervous system and increases the total activity of neurohumoral influences in the human organism. Harmonizer CGI prevents the exhaustion of sympatho-adrenal system and development of chronic stress as inadequate adaptive reaction of the organism.

Furthermore, Harmonizer CGI:
contributes to reduction of diseases, and it is a good preventive means;
contributes to increase of nonspecific immunity;
increases work productivity;
lows fatigue level;
increases stress-resistance
improves sleep and what is extremely important sleep productivity;
adapts organism to the environment, technogenic civilization by reducing possibilities of its negative influence;
produces unique action restores bio-field of humans.

Harmonizer CGI is an apparatus that helps to counterbalance the whole strain on the human organism. To achieve this you have to switch on the Harmonizer in the premises where there is a person, once or twice per day (it is switched off automatically!).

Harmonizer CGI is a waking guardian of the health!

But one should note that Harmonizer CGI is not a replacement for medical EHF therapy apparatus.

With the use of Harmonizer CGI it is recommended to start rehabilitation of the organism.

Then if there is still need (it depends first and foremost on the initial level of the health) it is possible to use the therapy apparatus. After the set of manipulations with therapy apparatus Triomed it is reasonable to come back to the use of Harmonizer CGI in order to keep the health on the due level.

Organism set in the natural balance and harmony has high level of viability, adaptability and survival in the modern world.

Harmonizer CGI makes possible to maintain this balance!

Action of Harmonizer CGI extends to 50 m3 (dimension of an average room).

Combination of the latest achievements in the science ant technology, simplicity, viability and versatility are characteristics of the therapy apparatus Harmonizer CGI.

Harmonizer CGI has three working modes.

Mode 1 Harmony

Harmony means an optimum interrelationship of objects in the system. Harmony is achieved thanks to the synchronization.

Synchronisation is considered to be an optimum mode of functioning of a dynamic system and it ensures such properties as integrity and stability. Organism is a complicated orchestra and has to sound harmoniously and not as cacophony.

Mode Harmony includes two low frequency modulations aimed at harmonization of two parts of vegetative nervous system sympathetic and parasympathetic and inter hemisphere relations.

Mode Harmony improves cerebral activity and develops intuition.

Individual adjustment results in harmonization of humans with the environment. One of manifestations is improvement of interpersonal relations.

Bio-energy frame of humans restores.

General resistance (stability) of the organism to unfavorable factors improves, functional reserves are restored.

It is recommended to use daily one or two times per day.

At increased pressure and in case of staying in the area of considerable technogene action it is recommended to use 3-4 times per day.

Mode 2 Antistress

Low frequency modulation aimed at stress-limiting system is used.

It allows adequate reaction of the organism to any stimulus.

It optimizes all stages of development of reaction on aggressive factor causing stress. Figuratively speaking this reaction normally should be like this:
  1. recognition;
  2. launch of cascade of reactions;
  3. active reaction sufficient, but not excessive;
  4. problem processing (inactivation of the stress hormones).

While applying mode Antistress memory of stress is deleted, stress resistance increases.

It is recommended to use at high psycho-emotional stresses.

Mode 3 Healer

This mode uses effect of Noise Resonance Radiation (NRR) based on suppression of electromagnetic radiation of different infectious agents, viruses, bacteria, fungus and damaged cells.

Diseases, traumas result from the absence of reconcilement between humans and the environment.

Thanks to the individual adjustment realized by new technology, restoration of balance and harmonization of relationships of the system humans environment take place, and lead to the faster healing of existing damage and prophylaxis of the new one.

With mode Healer it is possible to use Noise Resonance Radiation (NRR) action (own reflected radiation). To achieve this put at the closest the Harmonizer by the side with square window to the object and switch on mode 3. In case of registering from the bio-object at acute diseases and traumas (e.g. from pathology focus), it is recommended to leave Harmonizer on the body on the place of registering for the whole time of work in mode 3. Reregistering should be done every 30 minutes.

With the help of Healer it is possible to make registering from the object and to transfer information on informational carrier. To do this you have to approach at the closest Harmonizer by the square window side and to switch on mode 3 for 30 seconds and then switch it off.

In order to transfer information on the water Harmonizer (with registered information) should be placed for 1 min. at the wall of the jar or thin wall glass of water so that the window should be below level of liquid. It is more efficient to use clean water without admixtures. Thickness of the glass wall should not exceed 2 mm.

EHF processing (structuring) of water is possible in mode 1 with the help of Harmonizer CGI during 1minute through a glass or food film. Thickness of the glass should not exceed 2 mm.

Several sips of processed by EHF radiation (structured) water or water with registered information are recommended to drink at once without pause, intermediate transfer or storage.

In order to prevent infectious diseases distant use modes are recommended individually and in collectives as well once or twice per day.

At acute states and stresses contact use of Harmonizer CGI is allowed.