Electromagnetic field (EMF) Harmonizer CG

Author V.N.Ishutin, Doctor of Medicine

Electromagnetic field (EMF) Harmonizer CG

Saint-Petersburg, 2009
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Around us, inside us, everywhere and without interruption, constantly interchanging, coinciding and bumping are radiations emitting waves of different length ranging from ten billionth shares of millimeter up to kilometers
V.I. Vernadsky. 1926

Our Earth for its beauty long ago has been called Blue planet. Comfortable for living it has kept since billions of years innumerable ecosystems. For all this time natural magnetic field being basic recurrent ecological factor constantly affects the state of all living beings. During evolution structural and functional organization of ecosystems adapted to the natural background. Some deviations occur only during the period of solar activity when following the powerful particle stream magnetic field of the Earth experiences sudden short changes of its basic characteristics.

This phenomenon called magnetic storm unfavorably tells on the state of all ecosystems including human body. At this time state of the people having cardio-vascular, nervous, somatic and other diseases worsens. Magnetic storms influence animals as well, especially birds and insects.

Scientific and technical evolution as a result of the activity of human beings brings considerable changes in natural magnetic field, thus changing directions of geophysical factors and dramatically increasing its impact.

From the time of invention of radio a little more than 100 years passed, and judging by the power of radio emission the Earth became many times brighter than the Sun, but the main share of its power is still of comparatively low frequencies to which the human beings have adapted. Therefore for the time being destructive massive consequences of powerful radio stations and TV centers are not felt in spite of their considerable power.

Negative medical and biological impact of electromagnetic radiation increases with the growth of frequency, i.e. with decrease of wave length.

All electromagnetic fields of the Earth can be divided into two groups: the first being natural intrinsic to the Earth and acting constantly on any biological object and another one is manmade or technogenic resulting from human industrial activity.

Main sources of artificial electromagnetic fields are:
power transmission lines
domestic electric appliances
TV and radio transmitting stations
Satellite and cellular communication (devices, relay stations)
Electro transport

Certainly nobody contests that carriers of electromagnetic radiations provide comfort at home and at work. It is difficult to imagine our life without airplanes, trains, metro, TV, computers, washing machines, cellular phones and many other things. But unfortunately all these conveniences have to be paid back by mans health.

Electromagnetic field Harmonizer CG
Electromagnetic field Harmonizer CG is designed for protecting people and pets from exposure to destructive influence of manmade electromagnetic fields.

Scope of application of Electromagnetic field Harmonizer CG
Doctors, ecologists, biophysics have been sounding the alarm since long ago: electromagnetic smog literally covered the humanity with the invisible electromagnetic cap, which is getting thicker and more dangerous. During the last fifty years the aggregate capacity of electromagnetic fields on the planet increased by tens of thousands of times. By tens of thousands of times have increased the total density of electromagnetic radiation of radiotelephone frequency range.

Only the total length of transmission lines LEP-500 (besides LEP-150, LEP-750) on the territory of CIS countries exceeds 20000 km. Magnetic field intensity under the transmission lines can achieve tens of thousands of V/m.

Magnetic component of the electromagnetic field is considered to be harmful for human health if it exceeds 0,2 microtesla (mkTl). Nevertheless the average value of electromagnetic field, for instance, of a commuter train is 20, of tramways or trolleybuses is 30 mkTl. This value will be higher on metro platforms 50 -100 mkTl. Hindrances of electric transport are of pulse character and their amplitude modulation is tens nT at a distance of one hundred meters.

But maybe in a modern house a person feels safer than outdoors? No, it is not so! Big amount of electrical appliances, sources of electromagnetic radiation have taken their residence in our homes. Conventional kitchen and microwave ovens, fridges, washing machines, vacuum cleaners, TV sets create permanent electromagnetic noise up to 10 mkTl. And this is without ever growing equipping of population of computers, radio and cellular phones.

Electricity in nightlights and alarms are at headboard bed. As a result the head of a sleeping person during 7-10 hours every day is exposed to the field which is three or more times! exceeding the maximum permissible rate. Electromagnetic radiations through headphones penetrate our brain.

Our houses are dangerous not only because of their electromagnetic stuffing. Outside they are literally entangled with electric wires. Electricity is constantly drowsing at junction boxes, illuminates, moves upside down elevator cages, irrigates lawns, keeps locked doors and windows of flats and does tens of other useful things.

Spectral composition of city obstacles practically overlaps spectrum of all known signals of biological objects.

Comfortable cars, airplanes, yachts are also dangerous for the human health. It is proven that at the speed exceeding 80 km/h the cage of any transport transforms into boiling energy camera, where literally are boiled drivers as well as passengers.

Payment for the comfort is that at long exposure in the zone of action of electromagnetic sources exceeding the maximum permissible rate risk of cancer, reproductive, immune, vegetative, cardio-vascular and psychic nervous diseases increases.

All history of biological evolution is a history of adaptation of living organisms to the changing environment in the struggle for expansion of living space, adaptation to the natural electromagnetic radiations as well.

Biological effect of EMF
Effect of electromagnetic fields is rather ambiguous. Negative consequences may have big power, sharp changes of fields, as well as their absence. And since dramatic increase of the aggregate capacity of technogenic zones of electromagnetic fields took place only 100 years ago living organisms (including human beings as biological species Homo sapiens) simply can not keep pace with evolution.

Hard electromagnetic radiations are not that dangerous, they can be overcome and there is protection. Much more serious is the influence of hard electromagnetic field and its weak and super weak, unordered, non-harmonized components in the most sensitive for human beings range of ultrahigh frequencies.

Ultrahigh frequency range of radio waves includes micro- and centimeter-waves. Biological effect of radio waves of all ranges is qualitatively similar, but with the increase of modulation frequency of the field its effect is increased and is most evident in radio waves of ultrahigh frequency range. Hygiene standards set limiting intensity of microwave field at the working place at 10-100 uW on 1 sm2/c with time impact (2-8h/day). In case of some exceeding of the standards the specific (non-thermal) action of microwave field is registered resulting in functional changes in the human body apt to accumulate at repeated action of microwave fields. High intensity radiation starting from 10 uW at 1 cm2/c produces thermal effect, which leads to overheating with development of structural changes especially in nervous system, endocrine glands, lens of the eyes. Reversible changes in these organs are possible at the microwave field intensity of 10 7 5 uW/cm2/c.

Numerous researches in biological action of electromagnetic fields allow to determine the most sensitive organs of human body which are: nervous, immune, endocrine and sexual. These systems are critical.

Biological effect of electromagnetic field action is accumulated in the long run resulting in general low immunity, development of nervous-psychic, endocrine, cardio-vascular, reproductive and even oncology diseases.

Nervous system is the most sensitive to electromagnetic exposure. Neurology diseases are fatigue, decreased performance, general weakness, headaches, dizziness, hot flash, memory deficiency, drowsiness, restless sleep with dreams, irritability, sweating. At high dose action trembling, fainting, fears, hallucinations are registered. Higher nervous activity changes, memory is affected. Stress reactions are bind to develop.

Nervous system of fetus is especially sensitive to the effect of electromagnetic field.

Cardio-vascular disorders are registered: pains in the heart area, short breathing especially during physical activity, palpitation, sinking of the heart. Objectively are registered bradycardia, hypotension, muted heart tones, sometimes systolic sound.

Changes of permeability of blood-brain barrier can lead to unfavorable consequences.

Under influence of electromagnetic field immune genesis is often inhibited. It is established that animals subject to EMF have aggravated infection processes.

Intense EMF effect on immune system is manifested in suppression of T-system of cell immunity. EMF can lead to the general suppression of immunogenesis, increase of antibodies of fetus tissue and stimulation of autoimmune reaction in the body of pregnant females.

EMF as a rule stimulates pituitary-adrenal system, accompanied by increase of adrenal in the blood, activation of blood-clotting. System hypothalamus hypophysis cortex of adrenal is induced logically to give a response.

Deficiency of sexual function is related usually to the changing of its regulation by nervous and neuro-endocrine system. Multiple EMF radiation provokes reduction of gonadotropic activity of hypophysis.

Any factor of the environment acting on the women body at time of pregnancy and having a harmful effect on fetus is considered teratogenic. Many scientists believe that EMF belongs to this group of factors. Fetus is the most vulnerable especially in the early stages of development (implantation and early organogenesis). Fetus sensitivity to EMF is much higher than of mothers organism, and one should bear in mind that intrauterine fetal harm by EMF could occur at any stage of its development. Ovaries are more sensitive to EMF action than testes. Hygienic studies show that contacts of a pregnant woman with EMF radiation could provoke miscarriage, harm fetus development and at last increase risk of congenital malformation.

Clinical studies showed that lasting contact withEMF of microwave range could lead to such diseases whose clinical pattern is determined primarily by changes of the functional state of nervous and cardio-vascular systems. There are three syndromes of the aggravating state:

These syndromes are often accompanied by disorders of vegetative functions. Cardio-vascular disorders are manifested as a rule by neurocirculatory asthenia: labiality of the pulse and blood pressure, tendency to hypotension, pains in the heart area etc. Phase changes in composition of peripheral blood (labiality of indexes) following development of moderate leucopenia, neuropenia, erithrocytopenia.

Danger of electromagnetic pollution of environment acquired today global character, and experts believe it to be more serious than chemical or radiation contamination of soil. It is not accidentally that many people today are puzzled: is it possible and how to protect oneself, parents and relatives from technogenic electromagnetic fields?

Protection from harmful effect of electromagnetic fields and radiations

In our country concern of human protection from EMF exists on the State level. Usage of EMF and human protection from it are strictly regulated.

Lets quote the most important normative documents of the Russian Federation dealing with the problem of electromagnetic radiations and electromagnetic fields.

Federal Law of the Russian Federation FZ-#52
On sanitary and epidemiology well-being of the population

The present Federal Law deals with sanitary and epidemiology well-being of the population as one of the main conditions of realization of constitutional rights of citizens at health protection and favorable environment.

MSanPiN 001-96
Sanitary permissible maximum of physical factors at the usage of consumer goods in household
Sanitary Rules and Norms establish maximum permissible physical factors providing for secure and safe usage of consumer goods in household.

Sanitary and Epidemiology requirements to buildings and locations
Rules establish sanitary requirements which should be observed while designing, reconstructing, building as well as maintaining of the buildings and locations intended for constant dwelling except hotels, hostels, refuges, camps.

SanPiN 2.2 2/2.4 1340-03
Hygiene requirements to the PC and work organization
Sanitary rules requirements are aimed at prevention of harmful impact on mans health of harmful factors of the working environment and working process of PC.

SanPiN 2.1.8/
Hygienic requirements to the location and usage of the land mobile radio.

SanPiN 2.1.8/
Hygienic requirements to the location and usage of radio transmission facilities

Electromagnetic fields in working conditions
Sanitary rules are valid throughout the whole territory of Russian Federation and establish the sanitary and epidemiology requirements to the working conditions of employees subject to the professional action of different frequencies range EMF. They also establish maximum admissible levels of EMF and requirements to the control of EMF levels on the working places, methods and means of protection of employees.

Requirements to the personnel protection from the action of impulse electromagnetic fields.

SanPiN 2.2.4. 723-98
Alternative magnetic fields of industrial frequency (50 Hz) in production conditions

SanPiN 2.2. 4/2. 1.8.055-96
Electromagnetic radiations of radio frequencies range
Sanitary rules establish maximum permissible levels of action on human beings of electromagnetic radiations of 30 kHz 300 GHz frequency range and main sanitary-hygienic requirements to the design, production, acquisition and usage of EMF of radio frequencies in the process of work, education, everyday life and leisure.

Hygienic requirements at work to exposure of constant magnetic fields
GN 2.1.8/
Temporary allowed levels of electromagnetic radiations emanated by cellular communication. Hygiene standards.

GOST 12.1.002-84
Electrical fields of industrial frequency. Allowed levels of voltage and control requirements

GOST 12.1.006-84
Electromagnetic fields of radio frequencies. Allowed levels at work places and control requirements

GOST 12.1.045-84
Electrostatic fields. Allowed levels at work places and control requirements

SNiP 2971-84
Sanitary standards and protection rules of population against action of electric field emanated by power transmission lines of alternative current of industrial frequency

CN 2666-83
Maximum allowed density levels of energy stream emanated by microwave ovens

SN 2550-82
Maximum allowed standards of electromagnetic field intensity emanated by household induction furnaces of 20-22kHz frequency
Human protection from harmful action of electromagnetic radiations and fields is realized in several directions.

Organisational activities
Organization activities aimed at protection against action of electromagnetic fields consist of the following:
  1. Choice of methods of operation of radiating equipment ensuring radiation level not exceeding the allowed maximum.
  2. Restricting sites and time limitation within zone of field activity
  3. Designation and enclosure of high radiation zones
Time protection. This method is applied when there is no possibility to reduce radiation intensity in the particular location up to the allowed level. Time of staying of people in the zone of exceeded electromagnetic field at the planning of work by designing and information. Valid normative documents establish the dependence of intensity of energy stream density and radiation time.
Distance protection. This method is used if it is impossible to decrease the action by other means including time. This method is based on the decrease of radiation intensity proportionally to the square distance to the source. Distance protection is a basis of sanitary protection zone standards necessary gap among field sources and living houses, office space, leisure zones etc.

Engineering activities

Engineering protection activities are based on the usage of the phenomenon of screening or absorption of electromagnetic fields, so to say on the reduction of radiation intensity.
For screening are used films and tissues with conductive coating, metal fine mesh, metal sheet or any other conductive coating, special building materials, metallized ( by sputtering or hot pressing) glass. This protection is effective but often it is not convenient and unaestatic.

Technical means

If application of classical protection means is impossible new protection methods are used. Energy-informational (wave-informational) technology devices are used. These devices dont destroy electromagnetic radiations and fields, they interfere in the processes of informational interaction of human organism and environment. Depending on principle of action these devices can be divided into active ones using source of power and passive ones transforming energy of electromagnetic radiations themselves.

Among active generators of protective fields there is only one portative appliance Harmonizer of electromagnetic fields CG.

Principles of operation and mechanisms of ecology-biological impact of EMF Harmonizer CG

Scientists, physicists and doctors - experts in preventive medicine together have worked out an efficient way of decreasing harmful influence of EMF and EMR (electromagnetic radiations) by harmonizing environment with the help of low intensity electromagnetic waves of millimeter range.

This comparatively new in science and medicine direction has been developed since mid sixties of the XX century from the idea that electromagnetic field is a carrier of guiding signals in human organism. Indeed, heart contractile activity is initiated by electric impulses which are induced by pacemaker system (autonomous pacemaker). Human brain constantly generates nervous impulses, which are transmitting signals to all human organs and systems. In fact they are electric impulses whose dissemination is accompanied by weak electromagnetic field. Weak electromagnetic fields of millimeter range are constantly present. Due to different concentration of various microelements (mainly sodium, potassium and calcium ions) in intercellular fluid and inside cells on shell membrane super weak electrical potential is formed. Intercellular fluid and cytoplasm of cells due to covalent properties of water molecules are constantly electrified and organized in specific extremely mobile but at the same time organized clusters complexes.

Studies carried out under direction of Academician N.D.Deviatkov and professor M.B.Golant allowed to formulate the idea that in organism guiding electromagnetic fields of millimeter range are formed: A cell speaks to an other cell in millimeter wave language. Sensitivity of an organism to these radiations is very high. This mechanism of regulation is inherent to all biological objects on the Earth and it was worked out during many millions of years in evolution of living beings.

After millions of years of biological evolution only in XX century appeared considerable electromagnetic obstacles to the natural weak guided electromagnetic fields. Living beings and a Man as biological species named Homo sapiens have no relevant adaptive mechanisms. A rational solution for the present is to manage the environment where outer carrier radiation obstacles could be neutralized, and the space surrounding the man could be harmonized according to the interior guiding electromagnetic waves.

Adherence to this concept made possible development of Harmonizer of electromagnetic fields CG.

Under effect of the harmonizer the organism is not receptive any more to radiations distorting biological information as guiding, and it begins to act naturally. This means that human organism reacts less at computer, TV, radiotelephone and other sources, artificial electromagnetic field radiations provoking earlier stress, fatigue, diseases. Organism harmonized with its initial functions has high level vitality, adaptability and survival in the modern world.
Mechanism of operation of Harmonizer of electromagnetic fields CG is formed of three components:
a) at switching on of the device (active impulse) radiation intrinsic to the live healthy cell structure water vapor in the air creating thus dynamic clusters, identical to those of the human organism. Structured clusters of water vapors are transformed into secondary micro emitter of millimeter range and filling whole room volume;
b) due to the use in the emitter of the unique technology at the moment of switching on of power supply Electromagnetic field Harmonizer CG fixates spectrum of surrounding electromagnetic radiation and redirect it, actually what is required for harmonizing the environment. If electromagnetic fields and radiations in location where there is Electromagnetic field Harmonizer CG are subject to changes, the device for a new adjustment should be switched on for a short while. Further Electromagnetic field Harmonizer CG maintains the characteristics of its radiation for a long time;
c) shape and direction of the electromagnetic field set up by Electromagnetic field Harmonizer CG are changed by a special device, corrector installed over the emitter. Modified field to a great extend corresponds to the natural magnetic field of the Earth, and that recreates natural electromagnetic background.

History of Electromagnetic field Harmonizer CG and its future

One may ask why Electromagnetic field Harmonizer CG appeared only 50 years after studies of Academician N.D.Deviatkov and professor M.B. Golant?

Medical devices emitting electromagnetic radiation of millimeter range and which are actively in use in physiotherapy appeared long ago. For a while scientists studied therapeutic effect of millimeter waves on the human organism, and came to the conclusion of their predominantly informational impact. Discovery of this effect at the end of the past century contradicted views of the traditional Soviet medical school, it was associated mostly with eastern philosophy, where interconversion of the substance, energy and information is considered as pillars of the Universe.

After publishing of studies by Schrodinger ideas about informational impact of insignificant by energy input and substance on the cell, but nevertheless as significant as impact of chemical substances and physical factors, began to penetrate into the scientific community. In antiquity doctors noticed that medicines used in small and super small doses dont have a less effect. An independent branch developed in medicine homeopathy, when there is primarily informational impact of super small dosage of medications. Homeopathy is today a generally recognized branch of modern medicine! Similar effects are noticed when EMR of millimeter range are used. Action of the applied generator of radiations of extremely high frequencies was directed on the human being. Therapeutic effect is achieved by radiating of the painful zones or biologically active zones on the human body.
At the present time scientific knowledge of the action of waves of millimeter range made possible to develop new technology and work out a specific construction where generator of waves of millimeter range acting on the environment harmonizes electromagnetic structure of the environment.

Electromagnetic field Harmonizer CG is a domestic appliance recommended for every day usage. Usage of Electromagnetic field Harmonizer CG is a hygiene measure allowing to eliminate harmful effect of man-made electromagnetic radiations and fields.

Old medical precept It is easier to prevent the disease than to cure it is again relevant with its age-old wisdom.

The device emits waves of wide millimeter range. Its action on the environment is of general harmonizing character. For the future scientists together with CEMMED experts are working out several devices of different characteristics making possible to harmonize electromagnetic landscape of the environment.

This will enable everyone to achieve harmony and integrity for a long, full and joyful life.

We wish you good health!

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