Certificate EHF-IR therapy Triomed apparatus

LLC SEM Service
Manufacturer LLC Triomed
Registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor RF
DCF 2009/06554 28. 12. 2009 .

Certificate EHF-IR therapy Triomed apparatus
(TU 9444014610051062009)

Saint - Petersburg, 2009

1. Purpose

1.1. EHF-IR therapy Triomed apparatus is a physiotherapy and reflexology medical apparatus, which is designed for curing and prophylaxis of various pathological states by operating of low-frequency electromagnetic radiation of extra-high-frequency and infrared ranges on a humans skin.

1.2. On a frame of the apparatus there is a name plate attached, also apparatus is attached with a label, where enterprise-manufacturer, trade mark, name of a device, serial number, date of production and technical signs are indicated.

2. Manufacturers and seller's guarantee

2.1. The manufacturer guarantees that the apparatus meets the requirements of meets the requirements of technical conditions in case that user follows

2.2. Guarantee period for the apparatus consists of 12 months from the date of sale.

2.3. Guaranteed retention cycle consists of 6 months from the date of shipment by the manufacturer organization.

2.4. Additional guarantee period for the apparatus is fixed by the trade company and consists of 24 months from the expiry date of enterprise-manufacturer.

3. Package contents

Name Symbol Quantity, unit
1. EHF-IR therapy Triomed apparatus includes: TGKB 941.526.001 1
1.1. low-frequency electronic generator Triomed TU 6349.005.61005106.2009 1
1.2. detachable radiator 1 TGKB 943.139.001 2
2.6 Standard cable USB mini USB 5 pin USB 2,0-M 5P-1AM/M5-1M 1
3. Documentary:
3.1. manual of apparatus usage TGKB 941.526.001 1
3.2 instructions of apparatus usage TGKB 943.139.001 1
3.3. emitters label TGKB 943.139.001 2
3.4. apparatuss label   1

4. EHF-IR therapy apparatus Triomed serial number __________

Corresponds to TU 9444014610051062009 and is admitted to be available for usage by the Quality Control Organization of Enterprise-Manufacturer

Date of production_____________ 2010 .

5. Sale information

Date of sale ____________ 2010 . Seller _____________ _________________ (personal signature/transcription)

LLC Triomed, LLC SEM Service, Saint-Petersburg

for repairing during the main guarantee period

EHF-IR therapy Triomed apparatus

Number and date of production ____________ (to be filled in by the enterprise-manufacturer)

Acquired ______________________ (date, signature of the seller and stamp of the trade company)

Accomplished work __________________________________

Date of repairing _______________ Manufacturer __________________