Certificate Emitter EHF-IR-therapy “Triomed”

State standard 94 4420
Registration certificate of Roszdravnadzor RF
DCF 2009/06554 number of 28. 12. 2009

Emitter EHF-IR-therapy “Triomed”
(TU 9444-014-61005106-2009)
TGKB 943.139.001-05 ET

St.Petersburg, 2009

1. Purpose

1.1. The emitter is an electronic device and operates in the EHF-IR therapy "Triomed" (hereinafter - the "apparatus").

1.2. The emitter is designed for generating electromagnetic pulses of extra high-frequency and infrared ranges, formatting of EHF-IR radiation, as well as monitoring the low-frequency electronic generator "Triomed”.

1.3. On a frame of the emitter there is a name plate attached, where a type of the emitter is denoted by a correspondent color, also there is a mode and a serial number indicated on it.

1.4. The emitter is packed in polyethylene in accordance with GOST 10354 together with the apparatus or separately.

2. Manufacturer’s guarantee

2.1. The manufacturer guarantees that the emitter meets the requirements of technical conditions in case that user follows all the instructions of usage, transportation and storage fixed by technical conditions.

2.2. Guarantee period for the emitter consists of 12 months from the date of sale.

2.3. Guaranteed retention cycle consists of 6 months from date of shipment from the manufacturer organization.

3. Certificate of acceptance

The emitter of the apparatus EHF-IR therapy "Triomed" serial number _______
corresponds to TU 9444-014-61005106-2009 and is admitted to be available for usage.
Carrier frequency : 40 : 43 GHz, 52 : 57 GHz, 57 : 63 GHz, 50 : 75 GHz, 250 : 375 THz. (underline which is necessary)
Color code: red green blue yellow white (underline which is necessary)
Date of production _____________ 2010
Place of stamp

The representative of the CCM _____________ _____________ (personal signature / transcript)

4. Information about the emitter programming

Number Mode number Frequency of a master frequency modulation, Hz Duration of radiation, sec
1 1 U 10 ± 0,5 600

5. Sale information

Trade company: LLC “SEM Service”

Date of sale «____» __________ 2010 Seller __________ _______________ (personal signature / transcript)

Place of stamp